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Why Does Being Organized Matter?

Wouldn't you rather pay attention to more important things than the clutter clogging your mind and space?  ​Wouldn't you rather look at your to-do list and say "Wow! I actually have enough time left to relax!" ​

​​By saving you real chunks of time, money, space, and energy, de-cluttering and organizing will organically show you why being organized matters. If you must break it down, here are only "a few" of the hundreds of ways that becoming organized can and will change your life.

  • Being organized will reduce the tension and stress in my life. I will feel calmer, clearer, more focused, and more motivated.

  • Being organized will simplify my busy life by allowing me to get things done faster and become more effective at problem-solving. 

  • Being organized will start aligning my world towards my goals and dreams, free up my mind and space to focus more on the real priorities in all aspects of my life.

  • Being organized will save me money. I will know exactly where everything is and how much I already have. My valuable earnings can finally be allocated for things that I really need.

  • Being organized and de-cluttering will give me more freedom, time, and energy. I don't have to get frustrated looking for stuff anymore and I can become more efficient and productive.

  • Being organized will give me a shorter to-do list.

  • Being organized will help refresh my mind and body while bringing more serenity, clarity, structure, balance, and joy into my home life and office life.

  • Being organized will make me feel great and improve the way I interact with others.

  • Being organized will reveal more resources I had forgotten about. ​​

  • Being organized will give me more "aahh!" moments upon coming home after a busy workday. I will be able to enjoy my home more while refueling myself for tomorrow.

  • Being organized will help me complete more things today than postpone everything until "later." Because sometimes that "later" just doesn't come.

  • Being organized will make meeting my deadlines smoother and less stressful.

  • Being organized will bring me closer to achieving my full potential by increasing my focus and motivation.

  • Being organized and excess-free will eliminate my excuses for not paying enough attention to more important things in life.

  • Being organized and purging will help me move forward, leaving past negative experiences in the past where they belong.

  • Being organized will eliminate my excuses of "not being ready" for that unexpected visit, for pursuing my passions and new opportunities, and for being quick and sharp on my feet. Instead of procrastinating, staying stuck, feeling guilty, wishing or hoping...​

  • Being organized will allow me to regain control of my life with a sense of accomplishment and pride.

  • Being organized will remove the chaos in my office, improve my relationships with customers and colleagues, and increase my success rate.

  • Being organized will eliminate paper/email clutter, save me time and energy to make more money, and make my work days go more smoothly and less stressful.

  • Being organized will allow my car to park in my garage, rather than sit outside getting dirty with bird droppings on my windshield...

  • Being organized makes staying organized more fun and achievable!

  • CAUTION: Being organized can lead to envy, shock and excessive admiration in my visiting guests and business associates...

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