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Solutions to Improve Your World

Your Workspace In Order

Put Your Home Office or Small/Medium Business in order for less stress, lower expenses, more simplicity, more money!

  • Files and Other Paperwork

  • ​Digital and Paper Filing Systems

  • ​Office Supplies Storage

  • ​Business Inventories

  • ​Office Relocation

  • ​and more...

Your Data In Order

Put your Personal and Electronic Worlds in order for less paper, less mental fog, more clarity, more freedom from the Digital Chaos!

  • Photos

  • Images

  • Icons

  • Contacts

  • Passwords

  • Emails

  • Calendars

  • Task Lists

  • Idea Lists

  • Documents

  • Folders

Your Home In Order

Put your domestic world in order - organize your entire living environment for more open space, more serenity, more rejuvenation!

  • Living Rooms

  • Bedrooms

  • Bathrooms

  • Kitchens & Pantries

  • Closets (clothing, linen, coat, hallway...)

  • Laundry Rooms

  • Utility Rooms

  • Kids' Rooms

  • Play Rooms

  • Craft / Hobby Rooms

  • Guest Rooms

  • Library

  • College Dorms

  • Dens

  • Medicine Cabinets

  • Teens Rooms

  • Mail & Other Papers

  • Storage Areas

  • Garage

  • Home Inventories

  • VRBO / Rentals

  • and more...

Your Relocation In Order

No more stress during packing, unpacking, settling down in new space!

  • Preparing, decluttering, sorting, and packing for a personal or workplace move

  • Pre-packing, sorting, categorizing

  • Downsizing

  • Taking inventory, labeling

  • Home-staging​

  • Documenting memories via photographs and videos AND organizing them!

  • Unpacking and settling at new location

  • ​Organizing new living and working spaces

  • ​Seamless transitioning

  • and more...

Your "Other Stuff" In Order

From vehicle interiors to holiday decorations, from shopping to donations!

  • Holiday decorations removal and repacking

  • Organizing vehicle interiors

  • Organizing products and supplies shopping assistance (purchases and returns)

  • Consignment, donation, and recycling activities for tax benefits and convenient disposal

  • Partnerships with charities, animal hospitals, and orphanages for donations.

  • and more...

Your Gift Season In Order

Give the gift of personally tailored organization and be appreciated forever!

  • In any season for any reason:  Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays, Housewarming Gifts, Thank You Gifts, Employee Incentives, Customer Appreciation Gifts, Referral Incentives, and much more…

  • Subject to regular booking policies.

  • No exchanges or refunds.

  • No fees or expiration dates.

Gift Cards

Refer & Earn


  • Participate in our referral program and spread the word!

  • For each of your referrals that becomes a paying client, we will thank you with a $100 Gift Card from any merchant of your choice. That's right, $100!

  • Unless you instruct otherwise, World In Order will directly contact your referral and keep you updated.

  • Thank you for your business, reviews, and referrals!

  • Referrals must purchase minimum 4 hours of organization services.

  • Gift cards are non-refundable.

Client Referral Program
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