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How World In Order Can Help You

The World In Order client is ready and motivated to invest time and resources in improving the quality of their home life and/or business and they count on our support. Our Client Profile generally consists of:


& Homeowners

  • To improve the quality of their and their family’s lifestyle by getting their living environment in order.

  • To eliminate chaos by building better household practices such as family schedule coordination, household chores, and paper management.


  • To maximize business profits.

  • To improve employee productivity and efficiency for higher quality and faster results.

  • To improve customer service and client communication.​

  • To reduce errors and increase accuracy.

Small Business Owners

& Home Offices

  • To reduce expenses, alleviate stress, and increase returns in their home-based businesses.

  • To set up a fully functioning document filing system that won’t hinder work activities.

  • To identify and implement systems to improve efficiency and productivity.

All Others

  • To simplify the process of a major life transition such as moving/relocation, marriage, pregnancy, promotion, retirement, debilitating illness, loss.

  • To increase the quality of their living/working environments

  • To free up time, energy, and other resources to focus on the more important things in life.


If you ever asked yourself any of the questions below, the answer is YES, YOU CAN!

  • Can I just have more time and space in this life?

  • Can I ever strike that elusive work/life balance?

  • Can I ever be ahead instead of always playing catch-up?

  • Can I just finish a hobby or project without saying "I couldn't get to it yet?"


  • Can I change something in my life to reduce my stress?

  • Can I declutter my mind and have some clarity?

  • Can I UN-scatter and re-focus? Can I reboot the engines running my world?

  • Can I get and remain organized without getting flustered?

  • Can I just click a button and get my life under my control?

  • Can I just find that thing I'm looking for!

  • Can I have more space instead of a chaotic mess?

  • Can I ever look at my space or desk and see the surface rather than a clutter pile of papers?

  • Can I just wake up tomorrow and have my home, car, office, suitcase, and purse be organized exactly the way I want/need?

  • Can I get help to declutter and downsize?

  • Can I save my hard-earned money by buying what I need and not duplicating what I already have?

  • Can I just close my eyes and chill knowing that all these bills get paid on or ahead of time?

  • Can I get more clients, reduce expenses, and make more money?

  • Can I transform my kid's room to a "big kid" space without remodeling the house?

  • Can I rearrange my home now that the kids have left?​​

  • Can I help my elderly relatives with paperwork and organization?

  • Can I get this place in order so that my disabled relative can gain more independence?

  • Can I just always be ready for a guest or client to randomly stop by and be enchanted when I open the door?​

  • ​Can I have someone help me pack and unpack my belongings, and help me settle into my new house?

  • ​Can I get some help to stage my home so it sells faster?

  • Can I ever do this organizing thing like the pros?

  • Can I ever enjoy sorting and purging?

  • Can I keep my domestic and professional environments neat even after the cleaners leave?

  • Can I have everything I need in my space, functioning like a well-oiled machine AND looking nice at the same time?

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