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Karen S.

"I've never met anyone who comes close to Acey in talent for organizing everything. She manifested as an organize angel in my world years ago while living in Boston. She uncluttered my life and taught me skills that I will use forever. As the founder of an accredited immersion cooking camp for children, Acey is an invaluable asset I still use (on the VIP Plan) and confidently rely on to this day. Karen, Founder, Food And Truth, AKA"

Services booked:    VIP

Sofia T.

"Wow! What a difference. I don’t even recognize my office! It’s so tidy and organized now. We’ve already scheduled a day to do my home closet. Extremely impressed with the outcome, very professional and reasonably priced."

Services booked:   Silver 

Beth B.

"Great service! World In Order was able to improve the efficiency of my small business by over 50%. Highly recommended for all your organizing needs."

Services booked:    VIP

Julia K.

"Acey is good, driven, hard working and a dream to be around. She gives personalized service and attentive to needs. Extremely vigilant and trustworthy. I highly recommend!"

Services booked:   VIP 

Fernanda G.

"If you need a moving angel, Acey is it! When I found out I had to move from my home of ten years, I went into immediate panic and overwhelm as I had no idea of where to even begin. After weeks of chaos, Acey was literally sent as an angel who helped not only to calm my anxiety, but firmly guide me through the process of choosing with clarity what to let go of, donate, and pack for my move. All this while making me laugh with her incredible sense of humor. She is an amazingly thorough organizer and very funny lady who will literally lighten up your life, and what can be a very emotional process. My experience with her was so positive that when I had to go back to Boston to do another move, I hired her to come with me so that she could yet again work her magic, and help to bring my world in order."

Services booked:    Diamond

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