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Meet Your Organizing Navigator

  • ​"Organizer-Client Confidentiality" + "No Judgment" + "100% Client Happiness" are my top priorities as your trusted organizer.

  • I am on a mission to be one of the best investments you ever make towards a higher quality of life for yourself and your loved ones.

  • Organizing is not just a job; it's the profession that resulted from my passion and natural talents becoming my purpose. Life is so much better when you love what you do, especially if it leads to making people happy and changing lives.

  • I am passionate about creating and implementing practical, economical, flexible, convenient, and sustainable organizing solutions that enhance people's lives and drive businesses to the next level of success. 


  • ​Even Olympic athletes rely on their coaches to hone their skills and achieve their highest potential. I am the Organizing Coach you can rely on to simplify your life and put your world in order. 

  • I strive to build long-term relationships with my clients by understanding your needs without judgment, becoming a trusted friend/adviser, and organizing your life "your way. "


  • ​Somehow I have figured out how to effectively integrate my kind, compassionate, and respectful nature with a fiercely strong work ethic, unmatched tenacity and patience, and organizational talents to support you during your life's journey.

  • I am your trustworthy, reliable, meticulous, and thorough problem-solving partner.

  • I believe in navigating life effectively to turn dreams into reality.

  • I am caring, considerate, and compassionate towards people with chronic illnesses or disabilities, the bereaved, and aging seniors as a result of my own experience with Multiple Sclerosis. I take immense gratification from helping others who are unable to enjoy basic freedoms due to health conditions.

  • I aim to inspire and coach you to maintain your new organized lifestyle. "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime" - How about I do both for you?

Organizing Style

  • Professional, non-judgmental, positive and energetic approach to help the "dull-and-mundane" or "stressful-and-overwhelming" into "fun-and-enjoyable."

  • Personalized and customized systems to address all of life's organizational speed bumps.

  • Take advantage of digital technology to automatize recurring tasks.

  • Create sustainable systems enabling you to find everything you look for around the office or at home when you need it.

  • Build order out of chaos.

  • Create inspiring living and working environments.

  • Clutter Elimination Philosophy:


Is it LOVED?


then keep it, but let's find a home for it.

Organizing Methodology

Step 1:

Quick chat to outline your organizing issues and desires.

Step 2:

Virtual or in-person assessment of lifestyle/work needs and organizing project.

Step 3:

Customized "Get Organized" Plan tailored to your needs.

Step 4:

Hands-on intensive organizing sessions to put your world in order "your way."

Step 6:

Comprehensive "Stay Organized" maintenance plan.

Step 7:

Ongoing motivation and support.

About Me

  • Experienced organizing expert from Boston with a passion for sharing her organizing talents with others to transform both their personal and professional lives.

  • Owner of World In Order LLC, a premier organizing and consulting firm based in South FL. The company is committed to supporting individuals/families of all ages and background as well as small/medium businesses by providing customized and sustainable organizing solutions to achieve their work and life goals.

  • Proud member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO).

  • Honors graduate from University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Science degree in Commerce. Also holds a conservatory degree in classical piano as well as a degree from Organizing University.

  • Successful sales and marketing executive with 15 years of experience in financial, banking, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, real estate, and information technology industries, working with companies of all sizes and people from all around the globe.

Organizing Style

Fun Facts

Fun Facts

Favorite Hobby

Digital and paper decluttering  and organizing, even in my free time. My perfectly organized computers and smart phone (photos, videos, emails, lists, inventories, documents) always wow peers.

Favorite Animals


Baby pandas, puffy teacup puppies, silly cockatoos

Favorite Place


Moving to South FL  from Boston was my dream come true.

Favorite Eats


Dulce de leche, Oreo cake, tomatoes, peaches, strawberries


Favorite Dance



Favorite Quote


"Plan Your Work & Work Your Plan" - Origin Unknown

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